Treasury Certification Podcast Part 2: How to Pay for a Treasury Certification

Nov 23, 2023

Treasury Certifications are expensive, but here is how you can afford them:

When it comes to funding certifications, getting your company to pay for it is the go-to strategy.

Many companies value certification and willingly sponsor their team’s growth. Even if they suggest a delay due to your career stage, expressing your learning ambitions can often lead to enthusiastic sponsorship. All this can start by chatting with your manager.

Embark on a journey with Chris van Dijl from Cugavadi in our latest episode, where we delve into the captivating universe of Treasury Certifications. Drawing from over 25 years of treasury experience, Chris’s evolution from Analyst to Group Treasurer serves as a remarkable inspiration.

Join us in today’s episode as we navigate through the world of Treasury Certifications – from entry-level aspirations to advanced ambitions. Learn how these certifications can supercharge your career prospects and equip you with invaluable financial prowess.

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