Treasury Certification Podcast Part 1: How to Train for a Treasury Certification

Oct 25, 2023

Corporate Treasury 101 recently released a Podcast series on Treasury Certifications. Corporate Treasury 101 is joined in the podcast by Chris van Dijl from Cugavadi.

In the first part of the podcast, they discuss the captivating world of Treasury Certifications. With over 25 years of treasury experience, Chris’s journey from Analyst to Group Treasurer is inspiring. He’s the brain behind Cugavadi and his work revolves around offering top-notch consultancy and training in corporate treasury and transaction banking.

Step into today’s episode for an in-depth exploration of Treasury Certifications. Discover their essence, the skills they impart, the commitment required, global variations, associated costs, and even alternatives.

For the full article on the Treasury Certification podcast series by Corporate Treasury 101, please visit the Corporate Treasury 101 website.

Please note – the podcast is only available in English. Please reach out to if you would like to discuss your treasury career path in another language (Spanish, French, German or Dutch).