Treasury Certification


Professional Body

Association for Financial

Certification Name

Certified Treasury


United States



Topics Covered

  1. Role of Treasury Management
  2. Regulatory and Legal Environment
  3. Banks and Financial Institutions
  4. Payment Systems
  5. Money Markets
  6. Capital Markets
  7. Relationship Management and Financial Service Provider Selection
  8. Financial Accounting and Reporting
  9. Financial Planning and Analysis
  10. Introduction to Working Capital Management
  11. Working Capital Metrics
  12. Disbursements, Collections, and Concentration
  13. Short-Term Investing and Borrowing
  14. Cash Flow Forecasting
  15. Technology in Treasury
  16. Enterprise Risk Management
  17. Financial Risk Management
  18. Treasury Policies and Procedures
  19. Long-Term Investments
  20. The Capital Structure Decision and Management


1 exam, 210 minutes, 170 Multiple-choice questions

Estimated Duration

6 – 12 months

Estimated Cost

USD 1,645.00 (+ an optional USD 960.00 for the CTP exam preparation platform)

Entry Requirements

  • 2-years work experience in a corporate cash/treasury role or corporate finance related position, or
  • 1-year work experience in a corporate cash/treasury role or corporate finance related position + a degree in business, finance or accountancy, or
  • 2-years work experience as a full-time university or college teacher in a finance related topic + a degree in business, finance or accountancy.

Exemptions Available


Accreditation Obtained


Treasury Certification Verdict

The CTP emerged out to the earlier Certificate Cash Manager (CCM) certification. In essence it is still a cash management certification but has evolved over the years to include a lot more treasury management areas. It has to be said though that it is very much US focussed with little or no reference to international products, services and or cash management techniques.

The CTP is without a doubt the main treasury certification in North America and a must for all working (or seeking to work) in corporate treasury or transaction banking in the region. It is also the most cost effective treasury certification around.

Additional Study Support From Treasury Certification
The AFP is offering the CTP Exam Prep Platform (at an additional cost) and complementary webinars. Treasury Certification can provide additional support in your CTP studies with dedicated 1-2-1 sessions and/or unlimited questions to a trainer. For more information contact

What students say

“The topics of the CTP certification cover all the important aspects of treasury; however, it is a shame that the AFP annual membership fee is $500.

The certification has enabled me to gain higher trust and confidence from management.”


Marilyn Licudan

Finance & Treasury Manager, Philippines

The CTP exam was really long and the software to present it is not the best. I found out that It’s a self-teaching course which I enjoyed because it was really challenging for me

I was able to leverage a promotion and clear many doubts I had in my previous job. At least in Colombia nobody teaches you treasury, so doing the CTP helped me understand the theories behind the practice. which I enjoyed because it was really challenging for me.”


Daniel Pinzón Galeano

Farmatodo, Colombia